Working at Thinkwik,
Help us build the future of work.

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A heady dose of passion and creativity, with a genuine love for technology, is what sets the company and its people apart. Challenges are an opportunity for us to show how our skills can create the best of products.
Healthy Environment

Staying active for longer consecutive hours may not be possible for everyone and therefore we always find time to play games and develop crazy ideas on the go.


We celebrate everything from special days of our team members, to successful project completion, and also the success of our clients.

Flexible Timing

We believe creativity needs its space to truly thrive. Flexible timing is a way we ensure you have the freedom you need to be at your best.

Learn & Grow

We ensure our team stays updated with the latest, by providing opportunities to expand and improve your skills.

Own the Company

We encourage each member of our team to take responsibility and liability of the projects they are working on.

Build Community

Our team continuously collaborates and works together, plays together and are involved in building and fostering community growth.

If you have the passion, the curiosity and the desire to accomplish great things, we want to meet you. We’re always on the lookout for new talent, so if the position you’re looking for isn’t available right now, send us your details anyway.