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1. Discovery

The proper analysis is the most important aspect in the industry that is defined by the inputs of the customer. It is executed by the senior members after doing market research which includes domain and sales experts. This research is then made available to plan a basic project structure with feasibility, technical approaches and considering minimum risk.

Requirement Understanding

Closely identifying your exact need and ideas.


Suggesting you the most trending approaches and changes that can be executed to make the product more successful.


Setting up the price of the project that fits your pocket.


Identifying your primary need and setting up a Submission Timeline.

2. Architecture

The document is prepared based on the project requirements, interpreting facts and planning outputs also considering end user’s perspective. The senior members than get it approved from the market analysts and the client.


Creating a plan to target appropriate audience.

Diagram Analysis

Creating a diagrammatic architecture of the project considering developers, end-user’s perspective and your suggestions.

Competition Analysis

Setting up the price of the project that fits your pocket.

3. Sketching

According to the project required, designs are proposed and documented that undergoes verification considering robustness, modularity and risk assessment. From these, the best design is selected taking into account its data flow representation and architectural definition.

Working Skeletal

The schematic wireframe of the application is created to determine the flow and basis.

User Interface

An innovative design that is easy to navigate and is eye catching to the users.

Search Engine Optimized

Search Engine crawling is put into consideration for proper indexing of your application.

Mock Ups

Sample data driven snippet is implemented to test the possible user experience.

4. Engineering

A good engineering is in crafting something that make others regretting to have been created by them. It is not just putting up of parts together but bringing ideas to perfection.

Database Structuring

To stay updated with the accurate information, examining of the database design is taken care of.


We build feature-rich, presentable and interactive application having accessibility across various platforms.

Programming Interface

A performance oriented API’s are created to process the request in a fast interval.


Presenting the users with quick navigation and short processing time for a pleasant surfing experience.

Mobile and Web Compatibility

Compatibility with both mobile and web platforms are mapped and optimized.

5. Deployment

Ensuring that project is properly developed and tested, it is then deployed to make it available for the audience. Mostly this process goes in stages where a limited section is made available for the audience to examine the real world experience. Based on the observation, the project can be molded or released in the same shape with the client’s suggestions.

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